The Donizetti Academy was founded in 1998 in collaboration with the municipalities of Basiano and Masate (Milan), in order to offer perfecting courses to musicians and lyrical singers. It consists of different organizations which work in the Music and in the Singing field:

- the Donizetti Academy offers perfecting courses with world-famous masters of the music field.

- the Opera Academy of Basiano offers training courses for an internship in classical concerts and Opera staging,
  cooperating with several associations and municipalities in Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, U.S.A. and Korea.

- the Basiano Language School makes use of mother tongue teachers for its Italian-for-foreigners courses, specially
  thought in order to learn how to speak, read and write in Italian. Moreover there are also lessons of Italian
  language of the Opera, that permit to concentrate oneself on the correct reading of the Opera librettos
  (18th to 20th Centuries).

- society gathering musical events organized by “Operamondo” with recording studio on the premises.

Courses are open to everybody and especially to foreigners, who have interest in improving their level in the Italian “Bel Canto”, following a repertoire and a technique of Italian tradition. At the end of the year our best students will be selected to participate at an Opera staging with summer tours of many cities both in Italy and abroad.

The Academy offers the opportunity to get a VISA and a RESIDENCE PERMIT for studying purposes, to the people who may need it.


Possibility of enrolment all over the year.
Enrolment should be done 30 days before the due start of the courses by sending an e-mail to with indication of the chosen course and a brief curriculum vitae (with photo) attached.

-CLASS A: 11 months
-CLASS B: 09 months
-CLASS C: 08 months
-CLASS D: 06 months
-CLASS E: intensive course summer & winter course,
Possibility of enrolment all over the year. Enrolment should be done 30 days before the due start of the courses by sending an e-mail to with indication of the chosen course and a brief curriculum vitae (with photo) attached.

▶ Doctor Art Performance

The Academy offers to the students the opportunity to attend Singing and Instrumental courses, as well as perfecting courses, for already graduated students, and Masters, both in Italy and abroad (Salzburg, Saint Petersburg and New York).

One-year, two-year and three-year courses are held.

To all these courses follows the “Doctor Art Performance” course* and the Masterclass in the English, American (Metropolitan Opera House) and Russian area (with former lyrical singers who performed at Saint Petersburg Theatre).
* The “Doctor Art Performance” is the first course in Italy organised following the American university model, born in order to obtain a professional level comparable with a Degree – Master, on condition that a thesis is prepared. In order to have access to this course a concert diploma is required.

Diploma c/o an European Conservatoire, or a three-year Diploma c/o Musical Academies of international level, or a Graduated School Diploma (for the students, who follow the American or Asian scholastic system).

Possibility of enrolment all over the year.

Enrolment should be done 30 days before the due start of the courses by sending an e-mail to with indication of the chosen course and a brief curriculum vitae (with photo) attached.


Born to receive foreign students mostly, the Donizetti Academy knows particularly well the logistic difficulties that students may encounter while studying in a country far away from his/her own. It is for this reason that the Academy provides (on request) the possibility for the enrolled students to choose from a wide range of accommodation facilities.

Flats are completely furnished including domestic appliance (refrigerator, washing machine, TV), house linen (sheets, towels) and cutlery and it is also possible to have a room with a piano.

Flats are nearby public transport bus stops, which take you easily to the underground line MM2 of Milan (40 minutes to reach the Central Railway Station).


To the students who are going to move to Italy, the Academy will issue within two working days the following documents needed to obtain a VISA:
– Academy enrolment certificate
– Academy attendance certificate (20 hours per week of music lessons)
– Statement of lodging
– Receipt for payment of the annual fee

Basiano Language School

Foreign students are offered Italian language courses with mother tongue teachers, who, according to the knowledge level, will form classes of no more than three students each, in order to guarantee a closer attention, from the teacher’s side, and a better preparation, from the student’s one.

A specific text book for the Italian language teaching to foreigners will be used. Moreover, during the course, regular tests to verify the learning level and role playing exercises to develop a fluent conversation are held. Following interests and attitudes of the students, teachers also provide for some additional material (magazines, books, newspapers articles, etc.). Classes on the Reading of the Opera librettos and a course in Music Language are also available on demand.


Every year the organization “Operamondo” manages musical events, which consist of different concert and theatrical-lyrical activities in Europe, U.S.A. and Far East Countries (Japan, China and Korea).

It dedicates itself to all young lyrical singers, musicians, conductors and directors.

Settled in Masate, its aim is to find an easier path to step in the difficult fields of music and show business.
It focuses on all young talented musicians and lyrical singers, who desire to make his/her own debut on the stage, in order to start a career that will make a name for him/herself among the general audience and the specialists.

We would like to draw your kind attention on our best artists:
- Lyrical singers
- Pianists
- Conductors
- Directors

*** AUDITIONS: every last Saturday of the month.

Operamondo is in contact with the theatrical agents of:
- China
- Japan
- South Korea
- Canada
- United States of America
- Europe
Anyone interested, is requested to send a photo, a curriculum vitae and a demo CD or DVD through our e mail:


The Operamondo recording studio is available to anyone who wishes to send an audition to a theatre. At least a 10-days advanced booking is required.
Operamondo also helps in looking for an accompanist.

Cell. 338.3166476. E-mail :
Via Milano 69 (c/o Comune)20060 Masate (Mi) Italia
Milano Branch: via Monte Lungo 5. Milano. (Metro Turro)